Worst feeling apart from loss of close family member (I have lost three, my two younger brothers and my mother), is betrayal by your love.

Nothing and I mean nothing down grades you more than a cheating partner.

But why ?

When we truly love ‘some one’ we become vulnerable, we invest lot of energy and effort into them (for true love only). We think about them, day dream,imagine what they might be doing right now, we tend to know about them from every possible source, legal or illegal.

It is not always about trust and insecurity but also curiosity. They become a part of our life, our breathing, our background music, an extension to our existence.

If they break up,it hurts.

If they betray, it kills.

It kills our confidence.

It kills our desires, dreams and thought process.

It brings self doubt in our ability to read others and their intentions.

Remember you can betray me only if I trust you, I love you, I care for you. Otherwise try betraying some one who hates you.

Heart break has no sound but it silences a living being into a dead body. Most seducers, play boys, cheaters are reformed (for bad), true lovers. You don’t destroy one life rather start a chain reaction where many other equally innocent people are going to suffer.

Life is life. Don’t play.

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Hemant Pandey
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