1. Fakeness (friendships) : We all know deep down our hearts that 99% of friendships are just ‘strategic alliance’. We know that prime motive of our friendships are material or social support.We all have very very few true and close friends.

    True love is very vulnerable. You have to bare all in true love. You have to confess your weakness as well as shortcomings. You have to surrender yourself completely in true love.

  2. Empty Love : Love as we know (#relationships) is also a social validation,peer pressure,ego play,mind games and sexual support. Even those in relationships know deep down pretty well that their relationship is just a short term fling. We just weigh down pros and cons of relationships and keep hanging till we don’t get ‘better’ options. Love is also opportunistic for 99% of cases now a days. Why ? The reason is simple. True love is very vulnerable. You have to bare all in true love. You have to confess your weakness as well as shortcomings. You have to surrender yourself completely in true love. You have to loose your identity. It is like loosing all you have. This is dangerous particularly if the other person is not that serious.Due to this analogy true love is getting rarer. Love is risky. Most of the couples are just busy figuring about right amount of gap before calling to their lovers, so as to gain maximum power or ‘not seem needy’! What a crap. Is this love ? You can waste whole day on social media looking at pictures of your lover or getting info about them but cannot meet them in real,just to avoid brownie points! This is not love but ego disguised as love. It is okay to follow your love interest everywhere since you love them and passive connection is also true love, but thinking before connecting with them means either love is not real or you do not have faith in yourself or ego is still there (nascent stage of love). Love is very difficult as well as very soothing because it involves dissipation of your individual ego and amalgamation of unified identity. Loss of ego is bliss and to lose ego is very difficult.
  3. Rat race : It is well said that ‘even if you win in a rat race,we are still a rat’. We all know this hollow empty ego driven game of life. We all are here to showcase our ego. Our money,our trips,our sexy girlfriend,our nice car,all other 101 material things are there for ‘ego validation’. We all are slaves of our ego. We all want to take bath in new rain but can’t because of our ‘image’. We all crave true love but can hold on our feelings for may be year only because of our little ‘ego’ hurt. We all know we are infinitely fake from outside and do not want to live all this but still do. The prime reason is the protection mechanism of our inner heart and tender feelings. Ahh..what a irony!
  4. Social media trash : Don’t you feel disgusted when you have to like an ugly picture of your friend since if you don’t,the return favor shall not be there next time you post! Trading like for a like, #no follow back = unfollow threats! People are suffocated by this but still carry on to feed and satisfy their own ego! We all know but still carry on.
  5. Automated robotic life : How many potential singers,actors,writers,performers,sportsmen have you seen wasting there life in 3 by 3 cubicles ? We all are leading a fake life (most of us). We all are living for our parents dream,our cousins expectations,family pressures,society threats and what not. Most of us are machines operating from dawn to dusk to pay those house mortgages,hefty car loans and what not for those numbers on computer screen. How many of you can remember your favorite song in college ? Well what is your target for next months AGM ? Bang on! We all are living but have no life. How many times you felt completely satisfied and completely blissful in last one year ? Can you remember one 24 hour period in your life for last one year when your were completely ecstatic ? I know the answer. None. Yes your all effort of years cannot give you bliss for one full day. You happiness comes but quickly vanishes in 2 hours! Don’t be misguided from those Mercedes owners either and people with lots and lots of money. Comfort is never equal to bliss. They also have higher plateaus,higher ambitions and higher goals. True but strange. Things never fulfill you. They quench your thrust for a while and soon give you newer thrust!

The solution is dissolution of ego either through true unconditional love or through deep meditation.

PS : Loss of ego means loss of thoughts and not loss of personality. Even after enlightenment you have to keep acting for the outer world. Everyone is not enlightened and if you don’t keep acting you will be crucified like may great leaders in the past.

PPS : Lord Buddha was a king. He left everything in the search of true bliss. If he was not exactly happy,he might have returned to the kingdom (he always had the option). If clearly signifies that he found something which was more valuable than all luxuries available to man.

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