Abandoning items already mentioned on the list, I taught two things to my kids.

  1. Most important thing is happiness : My kids are always happy. I never force them to do anything against their wishes. I only guide them . This sort of independence brings real happiness. I do keep peripheral tab on their behavior. Being happy does not means that they can smoke weed or take rum to the school. But in every other minute decisions, they are absolutely free. I always taught them that ‘most important thing is real happiness’. If they are not happy doing any thing, they must immediately stop it.They know that I am not going to force them for anything , unless it is life saving. They absolutely love it.
  2. Follow you heart : I teach mathematics , but never forced them to learn maths. No one forced me. If they want to become a musician or player or whatever, I am no one to dictate them their life terms. I am there to help them whenever they need me, guide them but never force them

I know for sure that if you follow your heart, you will be happy. Rest of the skills they will love themselves, in that case .

via What are the most important things I can teach my child, including both skills and behaviors? How can I ensure this training sticks?


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