Pretend to like… But don’t enjoy

  1. Your best friend getting your secret crush.
  2. Shopping (specially) clothing with their ladies or girls.
  3. Tantrums of a sexy girl friend before kiss.
  4. Called best friend or bro by crush.
  5. Getting second position and being praised as best by winner.
  6. Becoming father just after honeymoon.
  7. Paying for that shitty bear feather dress for your girlfriend costing half the price of new iPhone.
  8. Note getting up votes after writing a good answer but saying ‘I don’t care for Upvotes’ or ‘good answers get less Upvotes’ etc.
  9. Liking new relationship update from Ex boyfriend or girlfriend on social media .
  10. Any new tangible or other success from friends network. Jealousy kills!
  11. Witnessing your good for nothing friend becoming over night success.
  12. Seeing your girlfriend with her male BFF and seeing them getting cosy!
  13. Two minutes noodle sex (for women only) and faking orgasm after it and also rating it 9/10 on scale which was actually 1/10!.
  14. Girlfriend saying no to a sexy monsoon romantic date on pretense of shitty imaginary work load (like sleeping day in and out or playing candy crush or doing nothing!). May be she wanted you to try more! Shitty mind games!
  15. Sometimes (not always though!), new dish cooked by your girlfriend!. Also that awkward time when you are figuring out what the heck is this and from where to start eating ! RIP cooking skills of GenX.

via What are some things many people pretend to like but don’t actually enjoy?


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