Let me tell you a story.

There was a elephant and a squirrel . They were very good friends since their childhood. They never realized that they have nothing in common but they complimented each other so well.

Whenever elephant needs to eat some nuts he will just ask his little friend to get some. Similarly whenever squirrel needed a long jungle ride there was no one better than his friend, the jumbo.

Time was passing by and their friendship was flourishing.But one day, jumbo’s friends noticed a little damn squirrel using their friend for a ride!

What a shame!

Also squirrel was warned by her friends to keep a distance from that haughty elephant and his mates! (They told him that elephants friends were too rude!).

Are you getting my point?

  • Half the problems arise in relationships due to peers, society and all those who know nothing about the mutual chemistry of two people. All have their experiences and their version of truth.
  • Rest of half are imaginary. They reside only in your mind.

Love is love. Love is not balancing of intelligence quotient but complementing of emotional quotient. We don’t weigh down characteristics in love. We just find compatibilities. When we love we don’t bargain. Love is an emotion defying logic. We find reason in business deals. In love we love.

How do I see if a girl is playing hard to get?


Hemant Pandey
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