I hate these kind of girls personally as lovers but love as good friends. If have given enough signs and reasons and you know she also likes you but giving unnecessary tantrums, please leave her.

Even if she is a great match, this habit of playing mind games will make your life hell after wards. Some of these chicks play ‘hard to get’, some play ‘uninterested’ and some play ‘distant’ etc. If they are really interested and in love then they must also reciprocate. If they don’t truly love you then leave them fully. If they love they will come to you else what is the point in chasing a person who goes away as you reach out and comes to you as you go away (That is there classic trick). they keep the interest on but never fulfill it!

Don’t waste your time more.

You are in love and NOT begging.

Please make sure your part is full, so that you cannot blame yourself that you didn’t tried hard.This will free you from any guilt. But once limit is crossed, please move on. If love is there, no force can stop it, when she knows that you love her.

PS : There are some ‘weirdos‘, the certified one’s , who like your attention (Every one’s attention) but just are not ready to commit.They can make your emotional state hell and very disturbed. They often had a very bad break up or some strong traditional chain. They don’t love you but the ‘concept of love’. They are very draining, will never initiate any thing not even a chat or a call. You know that they love you but still some invisible walls and insecurities are always there.

If a girl never ever calls you, never initiates a chat nor shows any other interest in extending the relationship but always shows signs of love, they are the one. Beware.They are very dangerous. Hence I always say, never invest more than a girl in any relationship.Its okay that you call two times and she once but not that you ten times and she zero.

Yes, they make great friends. Treat them as your very good friend but in a non romantic way. I still have couple of such ‘friends’ from my earlier work place and often from college.