Girls don’t test as such but their ancient brain does , that too subconsciously.

  • You must be independent. You must have a concrete goal in life. You must be some what busy.
  • She want a hero and not a follower. Don’t over do things. Don’t over praise, don’t fall on your knees too often. In short just be a man!
  • You must have a life of your own and she must only be an ornament in that and not ‘your whole life’. Girls don’t like guys who have only one purpose in their life: Their girl friend!
  • She must be in your life but only as a back ground music, a mild inspiration, a decent thrill, and not your 24 hours thinking pattern.

These things (Qualities) must be genuine. Cultivate them if you don’t have. Girls have a very high degree of intuition and sense you insecurities and neediness from miles!

PS : You can read the free e-book ‘ The art of manliness’ from web or go to their website. This might be a good beginning, but the journey is long.