Saddest truth of life is also the happiest.

The saddest truth in life is that, nothing and I mean nothing will give you permanent happiness and peace of mind.

  • You love a girl. The joy of getting her is over as soon as she says yes.Same for girls. World is paradoxical. We want things we can’t have.
  • You want a job. The joy is gone as you get it!
  • You wanna be a millionaire. Same.

What’s the catch ?

Mind is never satisfied.

How it is also the happiest ?

Since nothing can fulfill you or complete you, STOP expectations.Feel the joy in the moment. Do not try to hold it!

As discussed in Geeta, Do your job and do not focus on results.

Then the question arise, from where to get happiness ?

Happiness is in the journey, in the process, in the moments.If you are in love, enjoy being in love and do not tie your happiness only on acceptance. You are missing a lot of joy only because our predefined thinking patterns.

Celebrate every moment of your life and not specific events of life.

Ultimately, joy is in the moments and not in days.