The true nature of women is being hypergamous and pragmatic. I don’t condemn this as it is designed by nature to get best offsprings. But this can be a bit disturbing for men in unconditional love with women.

Women love Alpha males by default. As long as you fit the bill (read parameters) of Alpha male, women love you unconditionally and totally. Their love is true, unconditional and real. The Problem starts only when you start to fall off that Alpha cliff temporarily for a longer duration. The examples could be financial loss, loss of job etc. I want to make one thing clear that falling off the cliff has nothing to do with financial or social problems but a man’s reaction to those problems. A true Alpha too falls out of cliff (we all have bad moments in life). But he reacts differently. he doesn’t gets broken down, he has is inner innate confidence in tact and he gets ready to fight with the problem. Women stick with these strong men through thick and thin.

Alpha male is attitude, its understanding of life, emotional independence and inner strength in character. With these men, women are in love with them unconditionally. The Problem is that most men act out to be alpha but are not real alpha from inside. They are weak men acting like strong men. With little adversaries they tend to show their real weak beta character and then women feel cognitive dissonance. All this hypergamy and pragmatism is just natural response of inner women present in every female. If you were acting and turned out to be a fake Alpha, it’s not women’s fault. Right?

Men love women for what they are but women love men from who they are. This is clear since begining. Women test men for that. If you can’t stand that image, women ruthlessly drop you and you start bashing them. Women can never love those whom they can’t respect while men can never love women whom they can’t admire.

What women really want? Be ready to be shocked!

Men love physical qualities of women while women love non physical qualities in men. (The ratio of physical to non physical is 30 : 70 for women and 70 : 30 for men).


Update from Quora comments : 

Its god will and way. nature wants best off springs. monogamy is unreal and not sustainable due to lack of quality Alpha males and this inner drive in women to go after Alpha males only.

Statistically speaking top 10 % males get 50% of women. Bottom 20% get none. This number is better only due to feminism, blue pilled media and crappy movies. Till 1800s 60% of men got no sex or life partners!

As gap between rich and poor widens, job latency dips further, we will witness more polygamous relationships (Mutual and by consent), where Alpha male should have 5X more women than all other males combined. Right now only 6% males can be termed as real Alpha males. With world getting more liberal and understanding, polygamy would find its way. Men are polygamous by default (Observe any animal species), while women are hypergamous. They want the best for them at whatever cost. With cost of divorces rising and multiple social stigma issues (not to forget infamous 498A), polygamy (men) shall find its way sooner than later. Also marriages would be a passie altogether in coming next decade. I forsee the future of intense competition among inferior blue pilled beta males just to keep their women with them. With advent of internet and social media, Alpha male are more accessible to women out there. Most women are or shall be Alpha widows in future.

In Mumbai having multiple life partners is no big deal. Barring the famous cases of Boney Kapoor and Dharmendra, many men share lives and life partners (I know quite a few personally having three wives with mutual consent of all).

Interestingly nature has hardwire females to select Alpha Males even they know they can never be faithful to them. Weird but true. Beta males who worship women like goddess get nothing more than a pity month end sex, while Alpha males who have many known multiple partners, still get the best first timesex available over there!

Irony is another name of nature. Men and women are not selfish but nature is. Biology wants best offsprings and since probability of Alpha male genes is very low, Alpha male sought to reproduce more to justify and satisfy natures basic rule of getting the best offspring.

Those We know Super Alpha males like film stars and sports stars from close, know they sleep with countless women every month and might not even remember their faces.

Shoaib Akhtar, Elvis presley, Mike tyson and countless more have confessed publicly having slept with more than 1000 women and in relationship with 1200s.

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