You fall in love but rise in life.

  • You stalk his status (WhatsApp/FB/Insta) all the time.
  • You save all his profile pics or take screen shot in instagram.
  • You think about him all the time like a back ground score (This is the acid test).You just can’t put him off your mind.
  • You worry about his anger more than any thing. You tend to wear sexy clothes in front of him. You take extra care about your language and clothes in front of him.You try to show cast your additional qualities in front of him (Which are not obvious/publicly known).
  • You feel intense jealousy attacks when ever he talks to another girl or even mentions their name in front of you. (Acid test # 2).
  • You avoid mentioning name of any other guy in front of him or deny your association if asked.
  • You seek online help sites like Quora for answers as ‘your mind is too confused !’ (Acid test # 3).
  • Your best friends know every thing about him!
  • You avoid taking any calls or messages when he is around.
  • If he is on Quora, you know read each of his answers word by word.
  • You suspect him too much that he must be flirting around with other girls when he is not with you!.
  • You remember small details of his talks and even which dress he wears of which day (If you meet him every day).
  • You re read his mails or messages many times and try to derive ‘new positive’ meaning each time.
  • You are too conscious to perform in front of him. Your mind kinda stop working or goes blank.
  • Your heart wanna to jump out of your chest (beats really hard) whenever you see him.
  • You have at least few drafts in mail, messages etc. which you wrote for him (Like ‘I love you’ and the likes) but never sent.
  • Your diary has full story of meeting him for the first time to ‘love attack’ to ‘missing-you-badly-attack’ .
  • He is the pivot of your life and if any one approaches you for love/like/friendship etc. you just ‘chuck it’.
  • You feel that ‘He reads your mind’!. You feel sort of naked (For thoughts) in front of him. You can’t hide your feelings to him.(Acid test # 3).
  • Last but never the least, your love grows as the time passes and if you can’t meet him, it becomes a obsession.

How should a 20 years old girl carry herself? How should she behave? How should she dress up?


Hemant Pandey
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