Yes. Its a classic paradox.

  • Sometimes girls look up at you and find you too much out of their league.They never expect you to respond. But if you respond, you enigma is shattered. They start to find you common!. Hence they reject you.
  • At other times , some girls have a habit of enticing every one and any one. They just show you a little interest. As you get interested, they start to drift back and then bang…they vanish!. these kind of girls get interested in you if you do not show much interest in them in the beginning. They conquer your attention and in the end, leave you wanting for more!
  • Last category is genuine shy girls. They do not know the tricks to entice you. As soon as they attract you by some means , they are too scared for any real relationship stuff. They love you but are not ready for closure.These girls give you and them selves the maximum possible trauma. I just want to say that ‘Do not lead,if you can’t follow’. Even if you love but cannot move ahead (For whatever reasons), at least keep your trauma to your selves and allow the other person to move on.

via What are some reasons some girls stare at you or look at you and then turn away when you catch them?