Who am I ?

This question has baffled philosophers for ages.

  • Your name ? Given by you parents. Thus you are not you name. It is just a reference point.We call our city Mumbai today. 21 years back it was called Bombay.Thus name is a reference point, a differentiator and nothing else.
  • Your thoughts, values and ideas ? Really. Is it not that you learnt all of this here only.
  • Your body for sure ? My friend had a superb answer to this Query. If this is my hand, who am I ?. Osho also said “You don’t have a body, you have a soul”.

Then who am I ?

Many mystics have answered this question correctly.

You are what is left when “I” is absent. If you can turn off all ego accumulated by society, all thoughts running in your mind even for a short amount of time, what ever you experience is mind less state i.e. no mind. Your inner chatter stops and you attain extreme bliss, peace and super conscious state of mind (actually no mind).

That is real you. You tend to sync with higher conscious states (universally present) of nature. That energy is super consciousness is also known as kundalani jagaran,Samadhi,Nirvana, Enlightenment or what ever spiritual(not religious) name you call it.

The state represents end of passing of time in your mind. You become extremely aware of everything and experience a high all your day (equivalent to LSD as reported by many.

In essence, enlightenment is natural weed.

Why do you admire Osho?


Hemant Pandey
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