1. Relationships cult : Every body wants some one special in their life. A soulmate, a true friend, true love. But nowadays peer pressure is so high for having a ‘active’ relationship that kids are virtually ‘pressurized’ to have one!. It is not about love any more but about ‘social validation’.
  2. Future debt : I know education is getting costlier and many kids of today are already going to have ready made debts for them. But apart from that ‘necessary evil’ ,I know for sure they will fall in the trap of so called ‘socio- econmic’ status indicator debt trap like big car and large house. No matter how big your salary might be, these loan sharks will sell you equivalently costly car and flat, so that you are their slave for next 20 years!. All superficial growth of today is powered by future debt taken by our future generation, promising to pay in future of present day debt. Debt = (fake) growth.
  3. Not realizing hard work of senior. Life is tough. : Yes millennials make fun of their seniors underachievement and consider themselves a tad bit superior.The lessons in life are tough and they shall realize in near future that those who are above them had same thoughts a decade back. Life is tough baby.
  4. No value of money : Though not true for everybody but majority of millennials think money is cheap. This all is due to media and movie figmentation installed in their minds. Money is real energy. It is not superficial thing and does not comes in your bank account by giving some power point presentations and sending e mails (as depicted in movies). The problem is NOT that money is tough to earn but the real problem is that too many people are running behind it.
    Its same as getting that hot chick in college with many suitors!

Having said that I contradicted some of my views in this answer but in different perspective.

Do you feel that it isn’t fair when peers and adults generalize about today’s generation as if this is the worst generation ever?

via What makes you sad looking at younger generation?


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