Definitely money can buy happiness.

Money can buy happiness for one who

  • Never wore branded clothes
  • Never boarded an airplane
  • Never ate in a good restaurant
  • Never had air conditioner in his house but now has
  • Never used AC taxi to travel but now can
  • Never went abroad
  • Never gifted their partner a costly diamond necklace but now can

In short money buys these three things

  1. Convenience, which in turn brings happiness
  2. Objects which again give some pleasure, short lived though)[pullquote]More money does not always equal more happiness. Once you have enough to cover your basic needs, have a house over your head, AC and car fitted with an AC,Money in your saving account to cover 2 years of future expenses etc. more money is just a number in your bank account.[/pullquote]
  3. Experiences (Which give a more long lasting pleasure.Research proven)

You guessed it right…

It is the relationships a person have in his or her life. A Harvard research proves this point very well.

Please listen to the given video in the link. It will change your life and perception about life.

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness

This last link shall open your eyes.The surprising science of happiness

The final thoughts

Money can buy comfort. After comfort, money can buy only ‘more comfort’ and NOT ‘more happiness’.