Putting all your eggs in one basket

  1. Never depend upon any single person for all your emotional needs. This might be your friend, lover or anyone else. Keep buffer. Girls are experts in back up plans.
  2. Never depend on a single source of income, your job for most of us. Create a second source of income as early as possible. It might be a bank FD or a small business or farming at your village (Buy some farm at your hometown and put it to work or any small investment which gives some regular income) .
  3. Never depend on your expertise in any one field only. Have at least two unrelated skills. Done engineering. Why not do an MBA or learn some accounting or do Law. In the event of recession you have high rate of survival.
  4. Always have two kids. Even if one debunks your aspirations, you have one more chance.
  5. Light has dual nature, matter is both wave as well as particle, be dual, be safe!

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Hemant Pandey
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