Simplest way is to burn all bridges

  • Block them every where, even in email.
  • Get rid of all their belongings including pictures, messages, voice records, call records.
  • If possible change your number.
  • Avoid every place where you can see them.
  • Cut ties with common friends.
  • Avoid places you went together.
  • Mind forgets love in about 9 months (intense) and about 3-6 months (normal). For relationship type love, 15 days to one month or till you find your new toy.
  • To stop continuously thinking about them, vent your feelings out either in your personal diary or online. Reread few times and you are through. The principle is meta cognition. Mind very easily understands the irrational fallacy when it views itself from a third party viewpoint.
  • Delete your whatsapp profile pic and put your status as a ‘dot’. Let the world know that you had a heart-break. Social validation also works as a metacognitive therapy device.

Love is a mirage. With right person its heaven, with wrong one’s, it’s just a bad hangover.

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Hemant Pandey
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