I am a mathematician. I learned cognitive psychology through self learning (To impress my ‘to be girl friend’) . The most important findings I have till now are

  • Everybody and I say every body must learn some psychology (from self-help books from Authors like Robert Greene and Malcolm Gladwell). This is as important skill as breathing. I don’t say use it to seduce people and abuse you power but learn it as a Martial Art, use it for self-defense.
  • People are vulnerable and my research tells me that all those pick up artists, seducers, charmer, lover – player boys, jerks etc. are nothing but con artists knowing few psychology tricks, working of fantasy part of female mind and use it to their convenience. If you know these tricks (specially for girls), then nobody can lure you into seduction.
  • Similarly ‘nice guys’ if learn some tricks of seduction can get their love or at least save her from those jerks. They can also avoid many Cleopatra out their , trying to use and throw them.
  • You can make people fall in love with you. I suggest you use this power discreetly and ONLY to get true love.

Knowledge is power but knowledge about behavioural psychology is nuclear power.

What psychological tricks and hacks are useful to know?

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Hemant Pandey
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