• Things would get better one day, someday, some other day in distant future.
  • Classic irony : Study hard till 12th. After that life is settled. No worries, no hard work.
  • Classic irony part 2 : Get a well paying job (I skipped college irony as it is same irony but in new bottle). Settle in life. Life happy.

Many many more ironies like “ work your ass off till retirement” and enjoy life at 60 (with fable heart, weak knees, shivering hands, diabetic blood , off course!!).

We are always guided to future for our present happiness.Your boyfriend will go for a long walk once he clears prelims. Your career conscious girl friend cannot spare one hour of her “precious” time with you as if books give her orgasm!

The verdict : That perfect future never comes. Worries shall always be there.Life s a battleground. You fight every day. Your small little happiness cannot be sacrificed for imaginary future goals. What is the guarantee that we will live through next year?

We eat every day,sleep,walk and do every other mundane task. Why can’t we find time for little happiness.

Don’t think over but ‘feel’. Everything else becomes trivial.

What are the hardest things to accept?



Hemant Pandey
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