Love as crush, may be seven times a week.

Love as casual relationship (Physical or other wise), may be once every two weeks.

Love as true love, not more than once a year or two. It takes time to fall in love, deep love. If its not taking time, its not love.Also it takes double the amount of time to fall out of love.

Scientifically speaking, couples who start dating after knowing each other for more than six months or more have a high probability to stay longer and now a days you have two break ups in six months!

More you invest , more you value.Those people following you on Instagram and commenting ‘hi hottie’ are not your lovers!. They are validation of you physical aspects (prowess)!

Love is like a sapling. It takes more effort to protect it in the beginning by the storms of ‘infidelity issues’ or ‘trust issues’. Once you clear that break up zone of about one year, things become very smooth.

common lies women tell

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