Friends love is like a full plate dinner, while lovers love is like cocktail.

  • A friend (Best friend) is some one who is our part and parcel. We can call her, listen to her feelings and convey ours. She is more like a adviser, a well wisher. Lovers are not advisers.They are lovers. They can inflict a lot of emotional well being, comfort and also pain. We become one with our love. We feel their thoughts, what they are thinking, the way they are behaving and all. Love becomes your soul. You cannot distinguish between your self and your love. The two states combine. Neither of the lovers remain but only love remains, is what is true love.

Friends are also very close but you can never become a single unit with your friend.If you become , then you are in love with her!

  • Love between same sex and between opposite sex has only one more distinction, the sexual charge (Not assuming lesbian couples). For ages sex has been condemned as a bad thing. Sex can be spiritual union of two souls. It is just baring all for your love.It is just a representation of trust on the other person. (I am not assuming now a days one night stand or casual sex or dating sex or instant noodles sex or lustful boyfriend girlfriend over the bushes sex).
  • Sex nowadays is more physical and less spiritual. People are focused only on number of sex partners. If one can’t satisfy you, the ten also can’t!. I am yet to find a single person in whole world who is satisfied by any number of sex partners. Its just in their ego to have multiple sex partners. The point is that they have never experienced real connection with their soulmate and hence only physical sex.

The moment you have the nectar of true love, you lust for lemon water of lusty sex vanishes.

PS : Sex is not only penetrative. A glance is also sex, a touch is also sex and listening to some one’s voice is also sex. They all cater to the same pleasure centers of brain. You can feel orgasm just by kissing also and may not feel by ‘hot’ steamy sex.

PS2 : Root cause of all break ups and emotional misery is lack of real love. We always search for love and when we get one, our journeys stop. (It is quite difficult to find real love though in today’s era due to media and changing ethical values).

PS3 : My usage of word sex in PS1 is spiritual and not physical. Your touch must be exclusive and then only you can distinguish between physical and spiritual.

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