Some times we are confused between body and mind. He is using you for his fun and good part is that he has made it clear. Many boys (and girls also) use others for sex only and pretend to be in love. This is crime. Since he has made it clear that he only loves you physically, then their are two explanations.

  • You are desperate and couldn’t find his replacement.
  • You also enjoy the sexual part. (I don’t condemn this part if you both agree).

I don’t advise this but if he is confused of his feelings (Sometimes this happens), then you may slowly disallow him for your body and ask him to commit. Do it very slowly as rapport developed. Some times say straight no to physical manoeuvres. He may commit if he likes you physically and later start loving you for your other qualities also.

You have to use yourself as a bait. If he wants your body desperately and you want his love, even then feelings can swap. But don’t give him sex for free with this kind of commitment else he will never commits.

Russian Proverb : If you give your milk for free, he will not buy the cow.

PS : Let me explain a reverse phenomenon also . Some times your guy is attracted to you but not making any moves. In this case you have to give him some physical touch. Some men are not that sexual or physical. For them wear sexy dressestouch him sensually, play with your hair in front of them, show some flesh, just to make him interested in you physically. Else they will remain you very good chat friend throughout you life.Nothing excites a man more than a touch from his girl. Why ? Because girls do not touch every other men so often and that to with sexual intent. This makes him sure of you!

For this the similar proverb could be : I you don’t give him a taste of you, he will never crave you more!

In a nutshell limit some thing which is in abundance and increase some thing which is limited. That is true for any healthy relationship. Suppose in above case if girl does not excites some one sexually but only emotionally then for sex he will look of other ‘hot’ girls! Same with your case , for emotions and mental stimulation he might have other sources. Learn some basics of communication and seduction and get him.

PS3 : Keep everything in moderation.

via I am a girl. I love my best guy friend and I told him. He is attracted to me physically but he said he doesn’t want a relationship. We still kiss and hug. He touches me like I am his girlfriend. I can’t say ‘No’ nor can I live with the fact that he wants me only physically. What should I do?


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