There is no scientific theory which suggests that boys are better in maths than girls.Also the classic left brain right brain myth is busted few years back.

  • It has more to do with cultural and social responsibilities rather than functioning of mind. Girls are given preferences (Motivated) related to work involving arts, drama, music etc., while boys are more persuaded for logic, reasoning, games involving strategies.
  • In all walks of life also we see that almost all engineers (Barring software ) are boys and every second position involving social fabric i.e. HR, Consultancy , PR etc. are filled with girls. It is just a cultural imbalance.
  • Studies with identical twins brought up in different environments have proven that nurture and social environment plays about 70% of role in shaping of some one’s personality and ideas.

PS : I am in no way a sexist.

via Why do so many girls shy away from math competitions?


Hemant Pandey
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