Many reasons

  • You can’t force any one to call you and message you.You may argue that he is online with his other friends for much longer time but still ignores you. No one leaves their friends of years for you just because you love them or they love you. the wavelength of friendship is some times much much wider than love.
  • Some people are not very good at expression or holding a discussion, until they are very deep into you. As a rule of thumb, you must get interesting for him. Little vagueness, some intellectual quotes, some phrase whose meaning no one in the world knows etc.. Guys are impressed by this so called intellect talk. But keep it short and turn their attention towards all that super important boy friend girl friend stuff like ‘what are you wearing ‘ and ‘you love me naa!’ etc.
  • Keep teasing at regular intervals. Ask any random question and when they answer, just shut up. Keep mum. At some point of time they will start reacting. if they ignore, you must feel bad like a girl friend and show some tantrums. Boys don’t react unless they know some thing is wrong! To them even if they abuse you last night, they expect it to be all right next morning, just like their other friends!
  • You have to behave like a girl friend to become a girl friend. You must feel jealous when he talks about other girls in front of you!. You have to show tantrums (But limited) and become angry at times. Even if you are not a girl friend and you start behaving like one, you become one!
  • You must let him know that you have a ‘special right ‘ over him, a privilege, which no on else has. Call him at 11 PM and he has to pick your phone, no matter what his mother thinks and no matter what excuse he makes for this feminine voice to his father!

Caution :  You must have some rapport with him. His nature should be like happy go lucky and no some ‘nerd combined with geek’.

PS : Vary your speed and methods suiting to your preferences. Don’t over do and apologize if things go hay wire. Never show him the attitude that you can get many and any. This is the surest way to leave a really good guy.

PS2 : Play some games but with  love at the center not malice and seduction. Some people don’t get turned off easily but when turned off they do not get restarted easily. Keep the right tension an dissolve it quickly. Play for heart and not for ego.

You may get any one but not the one you like.

via What should I do when the guy whom I love, doesn’t call me or chat with me?


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