Relationship as ‘Noodles dating’, then nothing more to learn.

  • You must know how to chat late at night.
  • Must know how show some tantrums.
  • Must know how to pronounce ‘Babu’ ‘Mera baby’, ‘Soona’ and ‘mere bachcha’ with animation.
  • Must know some sort of scolding , like ‘Tum us chudail se kya baat kr rahe the’ (why were you talking to that bitch).
  • Must know how to take screen shots of status messages and regular messages and send to your jealous friends .
  • Must know ‘how to block some one on whatsapp and FB (Very important)’ just after breakup.
  • Must have an art to behave like nothing happened after breakup with the same person and behave like true friends.
  • Must have the guts to welcome his new hot girlfriend. (If you are really jealous type). Hint : It could be your close friend. These close friends know so much about your boyfriend the some times they also secretly love them and just was for your breakup. Pro Tip : Never let your best friend talk to your boyfriend, not even as friends!

Now that’s over for so called relationships. But for love…

  1. You don’t enter into love, it happens.
  2. You don’t think in love, it becomes your thinking.
  3. Love is intoxication. You do every thing in love , the you do in ‘Relationships’…but, it is all involuntary.
  4. We may relationships , girl friends but love doesn’t ask permissions neither seek validations. Love is not what happens but what cannot be stopped from happening!
  5. True love is very difficult to find but very easy to hold, if you find one. Meanwhile a relationship is very easy to find but very difficult to hold.