Number one quality seeked is integrity and honesty.

  • After this comes your nature and ability to understand emotions.
  • Finally comes the ability of a person to be real. No one likes fakes. If I have to remain fake even with the woman I love, then what’s the use of that ?
  • Innocence (Even after knowing all the tricks of the trade and not as dumbness). Innocence means , holding no grudges, playing no games, no tantrums which are fake etc.
  • Ability to express her emotions and not always playing the ‘hint’ game.

Do some drama, play some games, do some teasing, make him jealous at times. It’s all part of the game. But do in moderation. Ask forgiveness early if things go haywire. Be natural and think with open mind. Whenever you meet your love interest, leave every negative behind and always count on positives. This is the way to grow love.

Love is an investment of life. Plan care fully.