Let’s get the facts right. Research proven.

  • You are peak of your career at the average age of 46.You make your most money at that time.
  • People (on average) are happiest in their fifties (Yes you read it right).
  • Most people realize about their purpose of life at around 39.

My experience.

In twenties

  • Energy : I was full of energy and uncontrolled emotions. I was quite athletic and used to do 1300 squats in one go (Yes!). It took me around one hour.I used to run 15 miles every alternate day. Hormonal rush was too strong. We used to fight, shout and do all other boy stuff. Life was not at all balanced. Body ruled the mind.

In thirties,

  • Stability : I began to understand my self, mind, body its connection, purpose of life and every thing. My mind is now too still. That rush is gone. No urgency. You won’t believe in such a state, unless you get there. Just like enlightenment. Career is also going all well. Future plans in place.
  • Why this happened and will I trade my thirties to my twenties again,ever ?

The answer is no.

The clarity of my thoughts, understanding of life (For which I read so many books and researched) and vast experiences, cannot be traded off. I do not want to go through that ordeal again, ever.

Some more facts

  • Body : One thing people regret in thirties is their vitality and energy and strength. But research has conclusively proven (Carried on 80 top athletes in this world), that body mass and strength of any body in their late thirties can be maintained till late 80s with pure hard work and strength training. Remember athletes are quite strong in their late thirties, some at their peak also.You loose muscle mass if you don’t work out!.Second point is stress.
  • Mind : Your mind gets better with age if you really use it. Your understanding widens and you lens of life gets a panoramic view.

For a mind of thirties, body of twenties can never be traded off.

Remember : Thirty is new twenty.