Let us assume that ‘some one’ is in so much love with me. Why ?

Lets analyse.

  • I am a very simple at heart. I do know a lot of psychology but never play game with those , who don’t play with me.
  • understand people.I don’t judge them. Suppose ‘some one ‘ is angry with me and after repeated efforts, NOT understanding my view point, I dont retaliate. Its natural to become angry with the ones we love.If she will not show anger on me, then she will show it to whom ?
  • I understand nature of true love. I don’t make snap judgements. I take a very long time to change my favourites. It takes time for love to develop and it also takes time for love to vanish.
  • I love totally and fully. I don’t count when I give in love. I just don’t care.
  • I never break up. My love is always free to go any where. No boundaries. No commitments, no conditions. If ‘Love’ cannot stop you, what a mere statement will do ?
  • I never hold grudges. You just smile after a long fight and I am back to normal. Some times I have to act to make others believe that indeed I was hurt! (And was really angry!).

They only love the uniqueness,the originality and simplicity inbuilt in me.Its some times hard to believe.