You propose when you love the most, the thing you hated the most about her.

  • Why propose ? Are we applying for a job or we want to get license to do more touchy things and get into her inner world. We propose in spontaneity, when the moment is right . Only an ‘I love you’ is not a proposal. ‘I love you’ is a statement. I love you and its all. Then ‘Do you love me’ is a question (Proposal).
  • No perfect wordplay needed : You can propose by just saying that  ‘I want you time’ to a really nice, soft and good girl. o need to plan for it and make it dramatic for a simple girl. Only drama queens need that. Before you propose, you know in your heart the answer already. If you are fearful then, either the girl is not right or love is misplaced.
  • Don’t build the tension. Just in between a chat, normally say ‘ I believe I like you’ etc. More dramatic you make it, more difficult it becomes. Never plan of proposing . Plan for a good time. It comes naturally.
  • Never propose on text or mail or even on call, unless the girl is too unapproachable. Look declaring your love requires a moment. When you propose on text, it might happened that she got very less marks in physics test of hers and say ‘hey its because of him I got less marks!’ (Moody girly logic!). lets shut him down. Why take risk!
  • Why are people so nervous when they propose to ‘someone’ ?Because they plan it!.  Don’t plan, don’t fix a day like ‘Prooopoooose day’. Love is spontaneous and hence the proposal should also be!
  • Build the mood, get her in the right frame of mind and then just say whatever you want.

You can say ” Baby , you just look like my lover…”….

via When is the time you realize that you should propose a girl you love?