What is the best fan mail or compliment from a reader that you have received?

I have not got very great comments for my answers, but I have saved few which I consider best. I am a preserver. I collect things however I consider worth collecting. I still have many greeting cards given by by earlier girl friends and also their love letters (Love note in some cases!)

I have been praised many times for my mathematical abilities, but this is special.

  • This was the best answer! Thanks a ton buddy! 🙂
  • There is nowhere on earth I can find such an amazing answer! Too specific and cool dude. 🙂
  • ur answer made me feel 😀 gorgeous ….thnk uh #sir
  • Quite an insightful answer!
  • And the disclaimer wins a medal 😉
  • Well I must say… This is one of the nicest things someone has ever told me!!! One of the best compliments… Thank you… You made my morning good!
  • wov….awesome observations…
  • Wonderful answer.Thanks a LOT !

Few links I found on my notifications. Others are not visible.

I thank all of you wonderful people out there. 🙂