Culture and media don’t influence opinion, they create it.

  • Whatever you talk on subway, bus stops, with your colleagues in office etc. is all fed to you the previous night by TV and strengthened by news paper in the morning .
  • They don’t want you to think. Every debate on TV has two panels. They feed both sides of arguments and later feed the conclusion also. Shouldn’t they leave it out as questions to be solved.
  • Let me talk about love. Now it’s so over hyped that boys and girls wonder that they are doing something wrong by not having a partner!
  • Your partner will come or may not come, you job in this world is to improve yourself. I don’t do anything to impress any one. I do it for my personal satisfaction and uplifting. I do take inspiration but ultimately I work for myself only.
  • I am my sole lover and after that I count any one else . Media will always make you work for some one else as it promotes consumption.

Pro Tip : Quit TV and newspaper for a month and you will discover your real true creative self. Everyone out there is an artist, only we need to silence the noise and listen to our own voice.