Conversation is a two way process.

  • We usually talk when we are asked some thing. If your girl ask some thing then you can answer. Wait for some time. Girls are usually more expressive and talkative. Let her talk lead . Let her satiate her desire .Time will come when sh will start digging you and then you will just wish that only she should talk!
  • Just be natural. Don’t force your self to talk. i you want say else listen In the end you two are one person only, then where it matters that who talks? Are you still riding on ego and insecurity ?
  • I had friends (Girls) who would go on talking for hours on cell and I will just be content with listening. Not because that I have nothing to say but because I just love listening to their inner world. Girls speak out for long only to those whom they really like. Let you become her bestie also.
  • If you really want to contribute, then tell her small things at your office, that small fight, that small gesture of your friend which melted your heart and not facts and figures. Girls love emotions and not fact sheets.

Pro Tip : Questions are the answers.