I don’t know whether it is boasting or not, but many people including girls consider me quite brilliant (I don’t buy that idea). They fail to understand that leaving the intellect behind,I am quite simple and moody. To me, if you like me , just say it, no need to play games for two reasons.

  • You cannot win (May win but quite difficult)
  • Its not required.

I consider my self quite intelligent emotionally. (I have taken many EQ tests to get a proof of it also! ). I have taken many tests to judge my ability to read emotions and scored 100% many times.

Let me clear you other fears.

I will never judge but understand. When I was in class VIII, one girl proposed me and I said no. She was devastated and her ego was seeking revenge.

I just called her one day and assured her that their is nothing wrong in her. She might be better than me. But if I like cauliflower more, it doesn’t mean that brinjal is bad!.

I am not god and my opinion (rather decision) has nothing to do with her self worth but my evolutionary taste. It has been well documented by Sigmund freud and others that guys seek people just like their mothers as their partners.

What they do then ?

They try to impress me. Try to be indirect and so on…

I am as Simple as ‘Rose’ or as complicated as ‘Rosa tea hybrid ‘Orange Surprise’ (Botanical name). Both ways you reach the same goal.

Why complicate ?

via What do you wish your girlfriend/wife knew about you that she doesn’t already know or understand?