Confidence issues with unseen circumstances

  • As soon as some new information is presented to you, you panic.Your confidence (Which you show to the world) is only skin deep. Whenever some one crosses that level you go out of the way.
  • Possible solutions are developing real confidence.Confidence is not providing best solutions every time but staying calm and thinking for whatever you can offer.

Your confidence stems from ‘I am guitarist, marketer and what not’. You are enclosed in the walls of labels which you had pasted on yourself to feel confident.

Real confidence comes from understanding of life.

Understanding of the fact that everything is temporary. Your wisdom is real confidence as it cannot be attacked. You knowledge will always find someone better.

  1. Suggestions : Learn some basic psychology and philosophy.
  2. Do some sports or gym to gain physical confidence and also to clear your mind.
  3. Practice meditation.
  4. Keep a journal.

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