I hate players.Period.

Why ?

Because it’s a biggest turn off when you find out the other person is NOT real but a fake real.

Point 2 : Seduction is a fairly easy game as opposed to love and as opposed to what plenty of people out there think!

It is very easy to seduce 10 girls in a row and the methods are fairly easy!

Why one should avoid such a player ?

Only reason is that once you become a player, you recognise such players very easily and then its a very boring game. We know the future! Same patterns, same tricks and same boring end!

A real unadulterated person is really unpredictable and not ‘calculatively’ unpredictable.

What if you are genuine and the person is a player ?

Here is the checklist to recognise the patterns

  • Unpredictable : The other person is out-of-the-way unpredictable. Some times happy, the times very unhappy (for no apparent reasons).
  • Unhinged : Looks both interested and uninterested at the same time : They know the psychology of mind and often play pattern game. The pattern of absence and presence.They will be omnipresent for some time and just vanish for days, other time.Again reappear as soon as you start to forget them!. Classic narcissist pattern.
  • Super charming : Any one who is super charming and get even with you very quickly is always dangerous! If in one meeting only , you feel that you found your soulmate…Beware!
  • Avoid Emotional talks : Some one who avoids emotional talks altogether, just be very cautious. The other version is overly emotional, even for you puppies fever!

Let me explain some basics also.

They come into your life-like a charm. They fill your life with positive emotions. They sense your insecurities. They make you dependent of their validation. They sort of fill the void in your life, create more voids and again fill them with their thoughts!

You are obsessed with thinking about them!

Obsession is seduction but love is a background music.