This one is due to George Bernard Shaw :

In a grand party GBS was having som fun time. Soon a gorgeous woman arrived at the party.She was the wife of the Mayor, who organised the party.

A friend of GBS, just took a sigh at the gorgeous women and said, ‘I wish I could just sleep with her!’. GBS said ,ye you can, provided you are ready to pay the price.

He was a rich business man and said to GBS, how much for her ?

He replied, follow me.

The two men approached the lady. GBS sheepishly said to her ‘ Mam will you sleep with me for $10 ?’

The lady was infuriated. She said how dare you say this to me ? I am mayors wife. You will find yourself behind bars in next ten minutes and 10 years after that!

Unmoved by her trepidition, he said ‘How about $100 ?’

She was now more than furious. What do you think about yourself ? Am I a whore ? I am a respected lady in society. I am a good wife. You want me to act or call my husband ?

Still unaffected by her intimidations, he said ‘What about $1000 ?’

She said  ‘You look a nic gentle man to me. You must have your girlfriend or wife. What will you get out of me ? I am not that good.Thus please take back you offer. I am not interested.’

Again a better offer came ‘$10000’…

She just started to stammer  ‘For god’s ask leave me. I am very attached to my husband. He is a very nice gentle man. I can’t betray him’


Oops … a lot of money.

She agreed an told him that only once and no one should know about this!

GBS looked at his friend. He was shocked. He thought ‘she can sleep with any one for that money’ .

Now the twist…

GBS said…’ How about $10 ? ‘

She was just infuriated to hell!

What do you think about yourself ? How can you even think like this ? I am not of that kind.

He said patiently ‘ I know who you are, I am just bargaining!’

Moral : Everything sells. You only need today the right price.

PS : This is just a story which has nothing to do with general perception of women or their character. It is just a particular case and in no way a general representation.