Biggest turn offs from a man’s perspective

  • Men are NOT very serious always. Don’t take everything they say to your heart!. Most of the time boys are in a fun mood most of the time and number of jokes they crack can easily out number almost anything they do. Boys have real stress and this is their outlet.
  • Men DON’T  like over emotional girls, who always take smallest of things to their heart.It’s okay and it happens. Girls are sometimes over emotional for things said by their boy friends!
  • Men HATE clingy girls. Girls who are always nagging, sobbing and over descriptive about their every aspect of life. There is a line between being cute and being boring.
  • Men seriously hate show off. The most hated word in men arena is ‘Awwww…’. We know what is real and what is fake. We know when you are really offended and when you are using psycho techniques.
  • Men hate too many tantrums. Be real and genuine.It’s okay that you are fairer sex and need (demand) extra care, love and attention.But baby, your extra tantrums speak for themselves, they shout hard and are often a great turn off. Love is for equals and not give and take. You want only ‘that’ thing, now bear my tantrums.
  • Men hate when you lie. They are more clever than you think. When you say that you were busy , they can easily find out that you were online on that FB chat.They know that no one, except Rahul Gandhi, is that busy all day. If you don’t call, message back etc. implies you are having ego issues, playing some creepy psychology or raising you perceived value for only ‘that’ thing.

Some girls are exceptions but most are the rules!