Look this is all about timing. Your timing is wrong.

Now what ?

When ego comes in between love, this situation arises. Some times you are not ready, other times he is not!

  • You have to wait. Be his friend in the outer circle. Love does come back.But don’t force him else he will leave you forever!
  • Don’t approach him again. Give some time for things to settle down.
  • You have to restart things again. But never over do any thing. The moment his mind knows that you are desperate, he will put you in back up list!. It is the basic nature of mind. Once his heart and emotions start to build up, you can become more friendly.
  • You have to be ambiguous. Some times loving but other times not interested.(This is very important). Look now his mind and ego are protecting his heart. You have to fool them again to enter into his real heart.
  • After some time when he realizes that you are a good girl but not that easy, he will rebound. Don’t miss your chance this time. It will take around one month.

Is it possible to meet your soulmate online?

via This guy liked me and I rejected him, now I am in love with him and he has rejected me. What should I do?