Yes. Many a times. I was successful almost all of the times.

I can’t disclose the stories or names or details, but my close friends know what I mean.

The methods work because I have personally seen them work. These methods are helpful to get pass our evolutionary brain and to reach the real person. I know almost every one is wonderful at their core. But we all have experiences, our knowledge of world our own skewed views. To surpass these obstacles you need some methods.

Let me give you an example.

We all love well groomed humans. If someone is not neat, tidy and well behaved, your evolutionary brain will discard him there only!. You will not even proceed further. He might be very intelligent , loving caring and good speaker!

Thus you just loose a chance (Both ways) to be with a very nice human being!

Now scenario two

You are in a relationship now and suppose you start living with him. Will he be always price charming in front of you ? No. But you still love him. Why ? Because now he resides in your heart and your EB is not interfering!

Hence methods are needed and will be needed to get someone out of their worlds and enter your worlds. After wards no methods are required.