Right or wrong…All is relative.

Budhdha Said..Truth is relative. Your truth is not same  as my truth and neither is same as absolute truth.

Why ?

We all see through our colored lenses. If I have met all BAD people in life, I will see every one through the lens of bad or not bad!. Nothing is absolutely good or bad, but only your experiences, your world view and your own perceived truth.

How to decide on things then ?

Let me start with an example.

Smoking is bad for you, but for  some (Read many) it is also a thrill. Many argue that it kills you, take away five minutes per cigarette.

Smokers argue that you live only once.Let us enjoy to the fullest. We all die.

Getting my point. We all will do what we want to do and will always find logic for that!

Mind is such an asshole!

You name any thing in this world, corruption, sex, crime or whatever, I can justify them by various arguments and also demean them in the same debate. If I am a good logician, I will win both ways!

Take away : Nothing is absolute. I give you all, you take what you like!

Solution :  Free yourself from all biases.Just unlearn all the knowledge stuff and only remember the insight part.

This is the sequence: Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom-Insight

PS : Insight is also called as sixth sense.