Yes. A difficult question.

Whatever I know about them, through personal experience and literature , they are also human beings. They love you only when you defeat them. If you do not succumb to their charms and tricks, they go mad. Research very well about them. Some times be tempting, signaling them that their tricks are working wonders. At other times just refuse to yield to their charms.

Few more points

  • Players are often very busy. They have dozens of targets. If they find you blasé in the beginning, they will leave you and move. You have to fall for them (Being mentally alert) in the beginning. Keep the right tension but behaving all ‘weird’ in between. If they start drifting, again yield to their charm.
  • Keep doing this, unless all the ‘other’ stuff (Read Targets) is cleared from their mind.
  • Once they are into you, shower them with true love. Expect them to take you for granted for quite few times. Just become ‘blasé’ and ‘weird’ to keep them back. Soon they will realise they can’t win from you and you are a big enough challenge!

Caution : If they find out you are playing by any means, you have a seat booked in mental asylum for sure. They are very ruth less about this. Hide your sources and never ever cheat to make them jealous. They can do it 10 times more than you.

Secret : Most of the players were once very good nice guys. The bitchy evolutionary mind of girls made them so. If they really love you, nothing loves better than them