I loved one such Bangalorean girl. I was in ninth then.My observations.

  • They are very sweet. She used to talk with such decency and grace, that you feel heaven with them .
  • She was very good looking, even though looks are never my priority. She was hottest in the school with guys from 8th to 12th behind her.
  • She was very faithful and this is a known exception for South Indian girls. It is widely acknowledged that girls from South India are very trust worthy (Same experience with Bengali lasses). Till the time she was with me, she might have rejected some 100 proposals.Thus if you get a South Indian good girl, be sure that she is not chatting with her other boyfriend last night on whatsapp!. This is my experience and not a generalisation though (Yet to test some more!).
  • They are die hard religious and often pure vegetarian (The Brahmins).
  • They are less interested in relationships due to their family values and cultural entities.
  • Usually they are toppers of any class as they are very much study oriented. She although came third in whole class (Due to Hindi , I guess).
  • They are absolute hard workers.You give them any task an they will finish it in no time.
  • Usually they do not love twice (Some belief in their culture, I guess). Even if they break up, they take along time to fall back again.(Again to test a few!).

In short, they are absolute ‘Sweetie-pie’….

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