Infatuation is love with the unknown.

If I don’t really know you and fall in love with you with certain presumptions and misconceptions (may be true may not be true), then that’s infatuation. It’s also called instant love as we don’t love the person but the persona.

They happen every where and more often. Some of them are true as if you found your soul mate and others are just figmentation.

Love can also happen in one instant.

So how does one differentiate ?

If your mind stops working in front of some one, you are overwhelmed, can’t think logically and fall in some deep trance like state, then its infatuation.

But if your heart starts pounding faster, you become conscious of yourself (Opposite of getting lost in the persona of another person), have a feeling on instant relief from every possible stress of life in some one’s presence, then that’s love.

Infatuation stops your tongue but love stops your heart.

Just a last image.(Not in this context but still quite good)