Girls are complicated and moody, but and a big but, they are selective for that!

  • They do reply if they feel that you may leave and your interest in them would diminish. If you are always following and she knows that he will succumb again, she will repeat the behaviour.
  • Communicate with her but not always be ‘needy’. A word of caution, you have to be not needy and not show you are not needy. These women are very clever in knowing through a god gift of 6.1 th sense that you are pretending or you are real!. In version 6.2 (Recently launched), they are a step ahead. They guess about your neediness!
  • Give her a break.She may not have any thing to say. let me explain. Guys think about all the time what to say/text to girl to impress. Sexy girls have no such need. They keep getting messages and attention too often (More than what you can imagine. Do you know your best friend Jignesh also messages her behind your back and she kept it a secret! (To hell with bro code, bro!).
  • My theory of breaks. I give ample time (imaginary) in which any girl can think an answer and then I will take my time also to answer. Thus no hurry. never invest more than her. If she is interested she will respond else enough fishes in the pond!. Only this attitude can save you all the hustle.
  • Let me explain. Why girls behave ‘not needy’ and why boys do ? Because my friend, your creepy friend Jignesh and the likes also give her too much attention. Hence to avoid this situation , you must also keep few fishes in your pond. No, not betrayal, but to combat her ‘extra attention Jignesh look-alike disorder‘ , you must also be invested at other places, may be just as friends!. You remind will be diverted and will not think about her too often and when she finds time from ETJLAD, you both will be at same pages.

A word of caution : If someone’s girl is really sincere and genuine, then this amounts to cruelty . If she is exclusive,you must be. Period.