• Are men seducers and ‘want only one thing’ out of women ?
  • Do men want to have 27 girl friends ?
  • Do men want to have sex with every second girl they see ?

What are your answers ?

No. All men are not ‘men will be men type’. Same with women. It depends.

But based on evolutionary knowledge, yes women like strong alpha men, who can provide them with better life. A women (even if she earns or has the capacity to earn) always want her man to provide her.

Earning(money) is a sign of power, capacity,talent,intelligence. If any girl wants a intelligent partner who can fight the odds of life, what’s wrong. I think you are referring to gold diggers.

Let me give you a different perspective. As a male you want a decent looking, intelligent and sexy partner. So whats wrong if she also has some aspirations or so called ‘Boy friend goals’. There is nothing wrong and to be frowned upon.

You want a sexy women and a women want a intelligent, handsome male. Its two way.

I object to this notion. Everyone has ‘selfish genes’. Don’t label women.

Choice is choice. Choice is gender less.