Ever got an invitation from social media website or marketing website to increase reach, get more followers, increase sales? The promise of reaching to millions and getting so many impressions or hits or likes or whatever metrics you might choose.

How these companies promise exact numbers and interactions?

The catch is that you have to sign up for getting the traction. Yes you are the product as well as customer!

Everyone who signs up fills their profile page. It contains both your interests and well as your preferences. Your interest as a customer and your preferences as a marketteer.

Everybody is a customer even if everyone is not a seller. In that case too everyone has ambitions, dreams and goals. These companies (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) sell your dreams to sellers by telling you that they can help you reach your dreams. These giant corporations are nothing but brokers (at very large scale) profiteering from our own connections.

Next time someone says that they can help you get new dream job, be sure that you will help them reach their dreams.

No free lunches.