Not able to convey my love to ‘my love’.

  • Yes this is the greatest regret. I knew she loved me.She knew I loved her.We both knew we loved each other!. Still, my shyness, her awkwardness or what ever excuse I may think, I surely regret it.I never wondered that this would make such a long trail on my memory.I met several other girls after her, more beautiful than her, more taller than her, more sexier than her, but,that feeling never came back!
  • Those days when whole day was a song for me. I was so full with energy that I used to run 15 miles per day and was still fresh. I used to squat 1300 per day and never felt tired. Used to study 16 hours and always cheerful!. I have written about her in my other answer. Her name was Sanc***a, and I still miss her , even after 16 years!.
  • Friends you never (very difficult) get true love again in life. Don’t get disillusioned by illusion of choice. Love comes but true love comes only once or may be twice. Never miss that chance. Say it, express it, convey it. Unrequited love dies.Unsuccessful love dies, but incomplete love never ever dies.(When you know that the spark was on both sides). Even if you say, at least you will be relieved, else…(Only opening lines….)

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