• If she is my love interest, then I picture it in my imagination and also think about the hard work I have to do!
  • If she is my friend (Platonic) then I listen to her but with out video in my mind. I just relate to it, enjoy it and improve my knowledge.
  • If she is just an stranger then I just wonder about her boldness. She becomes a close friend in that moment only (We tell our deep feelings only to those we are attracted or find trust worthy).

Whatever was my experience with these fantasies, I can assure you that

  • Women watch a lot of porn (Including lesbian), more than what you can imagine!
  • If you have send a dirty clip and she says ‘ooh it sucks’, believe me she really mean it!
  • They are much more dirty and creative in bed than what you can imagine. Girls live in fantasies. May it be their prince charming, sexual encounters or whatever.

Just be positive with girls. They are good and sexy human beings!

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