Yes it surely does. For males it is a game changer often.

  • A well built physique is very attractive to females due to evolutionary reasons. Otherwise also, you are bullied less, you get more friends due to physique also. You feel a power (And also the responsibility which comes along it!). Chemically, the hormones serotonin and dopamine are released while you work out.Serotonin is feel good hormone and dopamine is pleasure hormone.
  • Heath improves, energy level shoots to 2X. Depression becomes a thing of the past. Mind is more focused just by 30 min of work out per day. Research done at Google suggest that by just exercising 45 min per day your efficiency can improve by  15%, which means you gain 3.6 hours of extra time.
  • Your quality of life improves drastically. Your mind loses any negative thoughts (The best part).
  • Body weight exercises are good, if you don’t have access or time for gym.
    • 100 squats (Full squats till bottom), every alternate day.
    • 60 push ups in sets of 20,20,20 with break of 2 min max. You will not be able to do more than 5,6 in the beginning.This also every alternate day.
    • 60 leg raises in sets of 20,20,20 with a break of max 2 min.Every alternate day.
    • For those who have excuse of time constraint, try plank for 3 mins in sets of 1 min each (Three sets). Planks or static exercises take very very less time , are quite effective and off course are very difficult.
    • Also do chair position (Holding squat) for 3 min in sets of one min each. Total time for static exercise per day is 12 min only!. Repeat static many times a day for maximum effectiveness. For every one hour, try chair for one minute and plank for one minutes.This is two minutes per hour. Ina month you will be a very strong guy.
  • Static exercises save a hell lot of time (Almost 90%) but are quite difficult and painful. You may need some basic training before you can do even a 15 sec plank or chair.Try now!

If a happy and successful life is all about developing three good daily habits, what would those three habits be?


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