My friend, aim for friends, aim for excellence and not for girl friend. Aim to become better, improve your social skills. Girl friend is much over rated. Aim for your soulmate and stick to them if you find one (Very difficult though to find though).

If you just go and ask friend ship from a girl, there are these advantages

  • You are starting as a friend and not a lover. She can only ‘upgrade’ you and never down grade to ‘friend zone’. You are already friends.
  • Love begins with friendship. Infatuation is always ‘momentary’. If I fall in love with any one just by looking at them or their pictures, then its only infatuation.
  • You learn social skills from girls. Have not you seen group of girls in 10-15. They are very social.They are very helpful also. If you ‘friend girl’ cannot become your ‘girl friend’, even though she may help you out with her best friend (Who knows).
  • Friendship is always harm less. You are just asking to be friends. You are also signaling that okay, I am also seeing you whether you have those qualities of a girl friend or not!
  • Very often some sexy and in high demand girls are intrigued by this friend ship.But be a genuine friend unless girl shows some signs. You know ultra high ‘sixth sense’ of girls (It’s in born talent).

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