You are a player and most probably lack self esteem. You need and get validation from your act.

  • If you attract only, then its human tendency.
  • If you attract and lead many girls its sort of psycho behavior and kind of misuse of power of seduction.
  • If you attract and make them fall in love to use them emotionally, then you are just a psychopath.
  • If you do all of the above and use an innocent girl physically only, then you are ‘criminal’.

Seduction or ‘Sammohan’ as called in Hindi is sacred knowledge to attract desired partner and not fool girls.Knowing is one thing, using is another and misusing is ‘cruelty’. The pain out of ‘Seduction’, when you have used a girl physically is more severe than ‘Rape’.

You never rape a body, you rape a soul. Forceful rape is only physical but you are robbing someone, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Never use any girl if you don’t intend to marry her or have long term relationship, unless she is also of that type and OKAY with it.

All the relationship goals must be quite clear from the beginning.